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Reviews for "K.O.L.M."

really love this game, really good, i like the music aswell even if is depressing

the game is awsome, but the music man. its really depressing

Definietly good game, however the graphics needed work. I know you wanted to keep it simple pixel-ish, but what i mean is, for example, the robot only changed actual shape in the beginning, however it would have been better if he with each upgrade looked even more different.

When i got the ultimate shield, i was like "okay, now that i got this, where is the challenge" but the last hurdle was indeed unsuspected but really great idea. Good job

This is one of those special experiences where you think "how is it possible that every single person grading this didn't offer 5/5". It was just oustanding.

Atmosphere, gameplay, story, music, effects, controls... magnificent.

I thought i was done then i saw that core thing, and when i got it the end started scaring me a little