Reviews for "Mining Truck 2"

Pretty good, but... some problems

Ok man, great game, but u can increment...

I guess, if u lose the wagon, but if it still straight in the road, u can take it back i guess, i would like to take my wagon back XD.
and talking about wagons, if you loses one under a high speed, i continues going and dont stop until it get upside down or blocked by the road... Need fix it.
and about the wheels, why it changes only in the trolley? it could change in the wagon too O.o
And about the third wagon, I bought it and i didnt use 3 wagons once...
Fix these things and it will be perfect for me XD
Keep looking forward man XD.


I want medals!

awesome game! when will they release MT3?

So much fun it makes me laugh when the man falls from that truck :D hahaha epic game for kids :) ....