Reviews for "Mining Truck 2"

Needs tuning

The controls work very poorly. Often a switch wont turn till you'va long passed it. Also at some points you're cart will move forward or backwards very quickly without you having given the command to do this...frustation...frustration!


Really not as good as the first.
not even close


game is fucking impossible... no matter do i drive slow or fast it's fucking IMPOSSIBLE!

Too hard.

The game is too hard.
I love the design and the idea is great but i´m freaking out while playing.
The connections are breaking even if I drive as slowly as possible, the goods get lost everytime I'm to fast, the trolley dies constantly and also the crane can kill me.
And if I get to the end it's nearly impossible to get the goods up there.

Great Idea, cool design but hard as hell.
If you are going to make a sequel I would love to play it if you would change some of these things.