Reviews for "Mining Truck 2"

Fun game - The first?

This game is fun if not infuriating as hell. Seriously I can't count how many times I've pretty much completed the level, got everything set up to get all 3 medals at the end, and that stupid crane ruined it by knocking my guy unconscious or knocking my cargo off the train. Seriously wtf!

Also, does anyone know why the hell the first game was blammed?


At one point, when I had both turbo and ejection seat, I accidentally catapulted myself into the cargo to money transfer machine at the end. To my amazement, it started spitting out cash! Is this a glitch, or am I just being paid for generous organ donation?


fuck yeah!

joey if you c'ant beat level 1 you noob i finish it in 30 sec

you can use the claw to carry your driver.its hard though!;)