Reviews for "Mining Truck 2"

Fun game - The first?

This game is fun if not infuriating as hell. Seriously I can't count how many times I've pretty much completed the level, got everything set up to get all 3 medals at the end, and that stupid crane ruined it by knocking my guy unconscious or knocking my cargo off the train. Seriously wtf!

Also, does anyone know why the hell the first game was blammed?

Good, but not perfect...

First, nice game, i don't have saw any game like this before, and it have alot of fun :). Its g
Second.Seriously, the crane in the end is a lack of the game, you should make a air tube, or something, because i arealdy have lost many levels because of that stupid crane :(.
Don't take this like a fault that you should "cry", take this like a fault that in the Mining Truck 3 you don't make it :).
Congratulations for this nice game, i waiting for the 3 :D
8/10 but 5/5 to you make a better next time :D


game is fucking impossible... no matter do i drive slow or fast it's fucking IMPOSSIBLE!

so close but yet so far

Way too many issues to be fun..

The art was great, although I am not sure what i think of mixing pixel art with vector..

But there are far too many issues, for instance if a cart gets detached, the wheels will keep moving in the last direction they were spinning. Constantly, as if they have a motor...

Another thing, the ending bit where I have to lift up all the items? This might be okay if it were easier, but seriously, I just knocked over one of my crates that I so carefully brought here, and now I cant pick it up because its behind my truck.

So i loaded everything else up and started on my way again, but I pressed space bar and the stupid crane smacked down onto my guy KILLING HIM!? I mean I figured I had already beat the level and clear of all dangers.. I guess not eh? So anyways, now my guy is dead but I can still control the car, yet the camera doesnt follow the car, it only follows the guy. So I move the car to the end and it says I win.. Yet it doesn't move to the next screen and I'm stuck looking at my dead guy...

Also for the first level, it seems impossible to get the treasure chest.. Unless you have to go back and get it? But that seems kind of odd request for the player on his first level, it would only frustrate the player.

Hope you make these fixes, great game.. Just has some bad issues. Fixing issues would give you a 9/10 or 10/10


Really not as good as the first.
not even close