Reviews for "First Time Rule Breaker"

This is really well done. The voice is nice and clear and is easy to listen to. Great job and keep up the good work.

Piper responds:

Thank you, man! I'm happy you liked it. I will definitely keep it up. Also, hey, nice name. ;)

I have to say that only just recently have I joined the Newgrounds VO community and this is incredibly well done. I'll assume that you have done professional work? The story line is very reminiscent of Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya or definitely Clannad. I'm a professional actress in Seattle and hearing this, I mean, this might as well be one of the $1,500 demos created out here. Very impressive and definitely look into a career if you haven't already! I'd love to chat with you on your technique if you ever have a moment! 5 stars from Seattle!


Piper responds:

Thank you so much for your review, Sarah! I hope to do professional work. I hope to do this for a career. I'm a bit flabbergasted right now that I placed first. Feel free to message me. I'll be very busy here in a few days but please, I'm always up for discussing VO stuff with others. It's my passion. Thanks again. What a lovely review!

this is cute Piper <3

this is a cute voice acting Audio
this rocks
keep it up
this awesome to enjoy this song

Food123 <3

Piper responds:

Thank you! :)

Very nice..Indeed I mean its obvious you have potential I like you're voice and the voices that came with this amazing story line 5 stars from me to you on your behave ^ ^... You're a genius that's for sure.

Piper responds:

Thank you for taking the time to review this! -and for the stars, of course! I'm glad that you liked the story and the voices! The characters really came to life for me, I'm so glad that people have enjoyed it! :)

This is very well done. The quality is simply superb. Superior voice work.
The story was interesting and, even with audio alone, was able to put an image in my head about the goings-on.
Overall, a fantastic little piece of the audio portal, and difficult to beat with the talent and quality.

Piper responds:

Thanks, Grant! As always, wonderfully articulated and generous!