Reviews for "Dynasty War"


this game has a huge glitch after i summon a bunch of warriors i can literally send hundred of thousands of arrows and win within 5 seconds no real struggle please fix but it was a nice game a classic setup like the epic wars with a nice twist the glitch really ruined it for me but ill rate a 10 but seriously it deserves a 5 or 6 at most its kind of unoriginal which makes it unplayable by my standard add a bit more and it could be great and did i mention you need to FIX THAT GLITCH

greeaatt game...!!

it's look like Epic Wars series with different theme and more feature! as always, the animation is awesome.. game play is pretty well balanced.. waiting for the medals to be implemented!


Wow this is epic! I'm jealous of your team quality D: ...

artlogicgames responds:

dont be :). Your art is so unique , i wish i can have that kind of art also.

good game

another great job well done by artlogic, i see that the style a lil bit different from the epic wars series, but maybe that just my feelings, honestly this might be odd but sometimes i feel that the game way too much like the epic wars, but way way much better in game play and graphics


Cao Cao has a huge spear