Reviews for "Dynasty War"

Nice, but

the chinese people looks like they have been given a 'western' look. From what i read, there was no blonde guy in the wu kingdom. :P


This game was fun and had many different strategies. However, it was possible to win any battle by simply maxing your mana recovery and spamming the arrow spell at the opponent's main building, then hero, no units necessary. Other than this, if you played the way I assume you wanted the game to be played, it was greatly entertaining.

good game

another great job well done by artlogic, i see that the style a lil bit different from the epic wars series, but maybe that just my feelings, honestly this might be odd but sometimes i feel that the game way too much like the epic wars, but way way much better in game play and graphics

I don't like this kind of game but this was cool..

so yeah

Heh..well...to sum up most of my comment...

Pink Bolts of Doom > Everything else.

Firstly, for those comparing it to Epic War - Of course..it's nearly same script after all :P

Now, for other stuff. Game ain't bad...just like every other series it lets you to burn some free time. Shame however this one didn't seemed to have such verity of features as EW 3, or at least for me it looked more indigent.

Ok, so you might ask "what's up with the bolt thing...?"
I meant that some units seems to be more overpowering than others..not like it's that bad of a thing, any strategy game ultimately leads to single unit rush with maximum upgrades.
In case of this one, it was all about Shamans for me (was playing as Wei)
...just get plenty of those and laugh at enemy.

And while at Shamans topic..since it's s so easy to pull off..lets abuse it a bit, shall we? For those that want to clear the game with minimum effort.
For first money, get the archery structure and max out mana gain as soon as possible. Past that invest into army strength upgrade, and castle fortification (to unlock champions with 15 units cap, since were going after numbers) Everything else is of last priority, and pretty useless...you can get spells for kicks though.
Now what to do with it? At start of each round quickly place 2 archery structures, and spam Shamans on Your King. After maxing..add new champion..preferably with 15 cap, repeat what You did with King. Same with next two champions.
How does it work? Bolts pass through few units before dissolving..push them back on the way, and deal decent damage...and have UNLIMITED range before vanishing. So it's possible for You to destroy the enemy even without moving from the starting spot..if you got enough of patience. Otherwise just move bit after bit forward...with each few units AI will toss at you, it will get paid back with barrage of pink stream plowing through frontal structures and army.
You might want to revise that at final stages, and place one turret past archery structures at start before proceeding to shaman spawning.

PS. haha..Was that a Goblin I saw at Lu Bu's ranks?