Reviews for "Dynasty War"

Horrible coding.

Game breaking Glitch: Buy a General, then give the General you bought ONE soldier, after which you select your Arrow Rain spell, but don't use it. (Make sure the spell is ready to use) Next select your General again. (The main won't work, it MUST be one you bought) Then you reselect arrow rain, then rapidly click and enjoy the game breaking glitch.

Horrible coding, I beat all the stories in less than 10 minutes.

artlogicgames responds:

Thanks for glitch report :) .


pretty cool but I do not like the music

Kinda special but...

Well, my first time to play a game about Three Kingdoms on newgrounds. Considering it is a flash game, I think this is quite good. And I've already finished the Lv Bu's Campaign.
However, there's something that doesn't coordinates with the history. Because Lv Bu was killed long before Sun, Liu & Cao divided China into three parts. At that time, Liu and Cao are actually allies, since Liu didn't have any own areas in control at all. And the greatest emperor, meanwhile, was in fact Yuan Shao, who owned 5 provinces and was later defeated by Cao cao in Guandu. Nevertheless, a good game. After all, I came here for fun.

not my...

Type of game, but great eye candy


Pretty fun to play and kill some time. I did find a bug that allowed for infinite lightning strikes though.... which I completely and totally abused. ;)