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Reviews for "Pkmn2's Voice Demo 2013"

Haha, not bad at all! The accent doesn't bother, apart from maybe that last voice that sounded more American or Italian. Sound quality is good though, and this was an entertaining listen too. Wonder if the length is intentionally the same as a song or if that's just how it turned out? Good luck with your voice acting career!


Pienkaito responds:

The length actually did partially a role. Nobody likes to listen someone talking for very long, so I tried to keep it simple.

Thanks for the feedback.

this is a nice demo
you do have skills. i'm liking that. this is neat
nice work

Pienkaito responds:

Thank you.

The recording levels and voices are perfectly done. I'm sure if you were given a script, you would sound as good or better than the demo you have here (given proper direction/character bio)!

German accent? You might like to add that info to any VA solicitations you make... it's definitely unique, and possibly sought after!

Pienkaito responds:

Thanks for the very encouraging review. It made me feel better.