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Reviews for "The Birthday Skeleton"

One of the funniest things I've seen in a while

I started cracking up at the end of this. The voice acting is great and the way this sets itself up is perfect. Thank you for an awesome video.


Short, but good. It's an interesting idea for a flash and was well executed.

...contract...is sealed?

Wait a sec, was that the grim reaper? I liked the kid's apprehensively confused "...the what?" and it definitely had some time put into it, so you do get ten stars...and a boot to the head.


That was a pretty good flash you submitted!, I just watched the entire thing and it was kinda good!

Good, but

There's something wrong with the scaling of the movie. There are white bars at the top and bottom, and I could see the skeleton under the kids bed. Apart from that, it's a funny short film.