Reviews for "The Dub Collab"

very nice work

enough said. it was no easy task to do and yet you guys managed to pull it off. hats off to you.

RicePirate responds:

I LOVE hats!


It needs a "play all" button.

RicePirate responds:

I may add one :) I kinda liked the idea that you guys got to pick and choose :)


This made me wish that I was as talented as you guys. I mean, honestly, THAT WAS AMAZING!

RicePirate responds:


I can relate

This was great especially the dessert one. I dub over things for my little brother on TV shows and sometimes books and magazines and we laugh our asses off so I can relate. I'll admit that some of the acts weren't as funny as some of the others, but dubbing is hard so I understand.

Great job guys and love to see more :D.


This was actually... really good! Most of the animations were great, and the voice acting was awesome! The beatboxing at the menu was also pretty cool:) Best collab I've seen in a while!