Reviews for "The Dub Collab"

A mild effort

I have to agree - the beatboxing is the best part of this. In fact, I'm disappointed in the lack of music and sfx elsewhere.

I like this piece as a concept and hope you get a chance to expand on a sequel. Maybe the animations could be longer and not all based on dialogue.


the idea behind using only voices in this seems to be overshadowing the fact that the jokes in this arent funny. (i guess it was an attempt to be innovative) terrible writing that apparently was just thrown together because of how random the skits are. next time you collab with that many people spend your efforts on one great flash instead of 8 unfunny ones


That was funny but wierd


This was actually... really good! Most of the animations were great, and the voice acting was awesome! The beatboxing at the menu was also pretty cool:) Best collab I've seen in a while!

Loved the beatboxing on the title screen.

I sat there for about 5 minutes listening to it. xD