Reviews for "The Dub Collab"

Not bad

Anybody who checked out Tom's "Changing Winds" post would've seen the part with the pink guy before this came out ^_^

dodgey at best

I really thought the plots were boring and that the humour was trying to be there but just wasn't. The sound was up and down, all over the place and the Animation wasn't great in some of the clips but i felt it was mainly about the voices anyway which failed because of the crappy sound jumping up and down with people talking to quiet or screaming into the mics they recorded it on.

SeiruRenaih FTW

this thing turned out epic -

"thats gay" haha

nice idea

but no humor... :s
love the beatboxing btw xd

(5 for original idea and 5 for humor (becauce i dont go lower :$))

Please please please

Release the menu music. It is amazing. I gave you guys ten stars and everything : 3