Reviews for "Line Runner 2"

how could this happen?

You took a game that was already made and was awesome, made hardly any changes, but yet it came out terrible!!! How did you manage this? Try again.

it stinks

u can't even see what u r doing!!! it would be kinda cool if you don't make the background fly by too fast, and the gravity. goto think of something better.

Dont like it

I dont like on how you play the game. Maybe that can be improved.

Don't want.

I don't like this game, the screen moves all too fast and you see all to short to give you an okay chance. The characters felt "generic-cute", and the graphics looks like something you'd find on this page three years ago.

I've played this game 5 times now...

and I STILL don't see a GOOD game. This game is crap.