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Reviews for "Line Runner 2"

when i saw this

i shat bricks. When i saw the user submitted levels i shat more bricks. When I played the game I made a house.

i very decent game

its fun and can really entertain, people with a very good potential. Although others may hate it, i think its just great. Keep up the great work bro. :)


Nice concept of making the game, though i didn't play the first part yet.


I thought at first that this was a line rider copy.BUT BOY I WAS WRONG.This game is nothing like line rider.Here you get power ups,avoiding stuff,AND most important you control the player.Perfect game! 10/10


That's the best sonic game I've played in a while!

In all seriousness, if you put the time in to elaborate on this more, like add a story, more dynamics to the boss fights (like having to race the boss, and instead of getting to a finish line it ends with you needing to reach an object that allows you to take them out first), and then slapped a price tag on the game, I would buy it.

A couple more thoughts - add different obstacles that affect you negatively in different ways, apply windowed mode size to fullscreen (allowing more obstacles and paths to be on the screen) and maybe something along the lines of an attack and enemies, but designed in such a way that killing a string of enemies boosts your speed.

I'm hoping there's a third =P