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Reviews for "Line Runner 2"

The difficulty needs a down-tone.

This game's art and gameplay are very likeable, leaving only one thing to be desired, and that's of course the difficulty. The game is entirely too fast. Keep everything the same, but slow it down, and you'll be sitting on a top contender for the top game in the portal.


I can't imagine how much work was done for this. it looks amazing. However, I found this too difficult. (maybe this was because i was on the laptop.) Can't give lower than 8 because of the visuals, menu and tutorial. Maybe I just need to suck less.

the game froze

right after i beat it. it just goes to a black screen that makes a noise whe i click on it. other than that great game

Fun for fast

I thought this game was a great way to waste some time. I didnt really get that far, but i'm also not good at these kind of games.

It does get pretty intense, and that made it that much more enjoyable...i think you should add a "hit a mine and lose" setting. That's my two cents. Good job.

pretty good

laggy but hey, there IS alot to load so 8/10 4/5 :D