Reviews for "Line Runner 2"

everyone shut up

i am tired of all the people who are complaining about this game, where are your games huh, by the way how many of people here play sonic games, thats fast really fast but yet you still buy,play and enjoy them

Hard, yet addicting...

I found this game pretty hard, in the same way I've always found classic Sonic games to be hard: it's super fast and hard to keep track of what's comming at you until you've hit it. But despite that, it's still loads of fun.

Fun for fast

I thought this game was a great way to waste some time. I didnt really get that far, but i'm also not good at these kind of games.

It does get pretty intense, and that made it that much more enjoyable...i think you should add a "hit a mine and lose" setting. That's my two cents. Good job.

nice idea

the control lacks so much on my system (OSX)... it's really easy to lose the focus with the mouse... the concept is something new but still needs some improvement

This was a game that reminded me of Sonic.

The operation is very simple and I think it is a well-made masterpiece. Designer mode is also fantastic. But the boss mode is very difficult. Also, It's very hard because the game is fast scrolling.

My Hard Boss is F-700, Dark Runner.