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Reviews for "Line Runner 2"

The difficulty needs a down-tone.

This game's art and gameplay are very likeable, leaving only one thing to be desired, and that's of course the difficulty. The game is entirely too fast. Keep everything the same, but slow it down, and you'll be sitting on a top contender for the top game in the portal.

new grounds

what the hell happened to the websites bg god i hate snow:(

Something wrong with last boss level?

At the last boss level, i seem to have some sort of super-lag, I can't do anything (runner keeps running in a straight line), and then once in about 30 secs i can move for a short period of time and all keys i pressed are pressed.
Is this some sort of bug?
great game nonetheless.

Interesting game

It was fun but it lost me quickly. Everything seems too close together for the controls to respond in time.

nice idea

the control lacks so much on my system (OSX)... it's really easy to lose the focus with the mouse... the concept is something new but still needs some improvement