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Reviews for "Line Runner 2"

This is not a copy of Slopiskier!

For all the ignorant NGers saying this is a copy of Slopiskier, it's not! First of all, Line Runner came out way before Slopiskier. This is Line Runner 2. And second of all, Slopiskier did not invent the idea of drawing a path that you run on and do tricks.

Now enough about that. I liked the first Line Runner, and I love this one even more. It's still addicting, and now there's actually a point to it, like levels and unlockables.


Dang! I tought the first one was addicting! But this one is addictive like candy! And I even havn't tried the custom stage option yet!

Amazing game!


WHY DOES HE BOUNCE WHEN LOADING! its very disturbing, not as disturbing as dance of the manwhore.

It's OK

It's a very funny game.Good work!


great game