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Reviews for "Line Runner 2"


What an amazing improvement over an already awesome game!
All these features, levels and the many, many small touches make this one of the best games on newgrounds ever!

This would make an awesome DS or even 3DS game, it wouldn't even need any extra features because this one has got features up the wazoo!

The artstyle is still as fresh as when it first came around and the added styles for the extra levels will blow your mind like a shotgun filled with awesome!

Brilliant work, this is what sequals should be all about!
I could only rate up to 10, but this game just turned it up to eleven!!!

The king is dead, long live the king!



Bullshit last boss

This was an awesome game with a great concept but the one thing that is very aggravating is the fact that the last boss is impossible even if you go through the entire level not hitting a single mine,throwing all the mines at him and going through every single ring he still beats you no matter what and never seems to slow down i swear i played it over 30 times and nothing which seems like total bullshit with the difficulty i even got a gold star on every other mission and just that single one he's gotta be so hard that you can't even win,other than that nice game.

To put it quite frankly....

This is a very addicting and entertaining game! Cute character! :-)

really epic

i gotta run or else burned feet for a week