Reviews for "Line Runner 2"

Simply amazing

although there was no story line to where the bosses came from, I really don't care that was an amazing game and that last boss was so hard but I beat him by one little step, so just for that I think you deserve a 10 out of 10

cool game

I can't pass the boss stage with the devil or somethink ^^ make more like this(and even better :P) !!!!!!

Fav game EV4R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lol You Putted all in this game good music, Misions, arcade, interaction with the gamer (Lr Designer), Prizes and a COW (Ops Spoiler)


only bad thing is...

i just dont like the line runner guy

Awesome !!!

i liked it from the first level
if your gonna make a third one make multiplayer if you can