Reviews for "Line Runner 2"

... Well... Sorta...

So... I'm playing the game and as I'm flying along at blazing speeds, suddenly I'm faced with a conundrum. How do I avoid this situation without getting smacked by a mine or some other weapon the enemy is firing at me? Occasional failure is understandable, if not necessary for a real challenge, but 9 out of 10 times i find there is no way around this predicament, get slowed just before the finish, and fail. The portals are particularly useless I believe. especially when you have a power-up, such as a shield (in reference to the 'Santa race') with said portals and just because a teeny bit of your head touches the top, or a single toe touches the bottom, you are flipped with no power-up. But all that aside, what REALLY bit me was you could be cruising at 1 kilo-per-min for at least 10 seconds while the enemy flies by you waiting to get an apple (which would direct you into a mine anyway and slow you down once more) or a ring which seemed to be shielded by several, inescapable mines. I also found it confusing that despite my best efforts I could not defeat the 5th boss. All the other bosses were defeat-able, but the 5th one... I don't know. It's abilities to not only pummel you while beneath it, fire rockets at you from behind with no ability to tell when it's coming and even if you DID avoid it, it destroyed the rings in front of you. What? Well that... sucks... It was quite amazing however, flying by at 60 kilos-per-min and having simple routes of rings, and, for the most part, a mild challenge for bosses. Maybe I'm just God-awful at this sort of gaming, but I find that it is quite impossible to go even remotely close to scotch-free in a level. If you go for a new one, I'd say try throwing in either an ability to speed yourself up (not equal to the ability the rings do) or a minor projectile of your own protecting you from others. I don't think that either one particularly lowers the difficulty all that much, as you'd have to aim the projectile, and the constant pushing of a key to increase your speed lacks the power of a ring. Hope this review was helpful. Overall, frustrating at points but mostly a joy.

It's not so bad

But the hitbos feels bigger than it should be, the screen is way too small for the speed of the game, and these spike locations sometimes doesn't make any sense.

Take A Ride And Run The Line!

It Took A Few Minuets To Get It It Down After That It Was Fun Nice Challenge,Original I Like The Concept Good Game. I Think A Lot Can
Done With It.

Plagued by excess.

This could have been another Mario Kart. This could have been classic. All the elements are there: interesting, adorable graphics, unique, pick-up-and-play style, and challenging gameplay. However, it's far from the allure of Mario Kart. I gave this game an hour and a half of my time, and I'm sure I'll give it more, but playing it is a bittersweet experience. For every joyous triumph I manage in gameplay, there seem to be multitudes of painful stylistic choices to slog through.

There's simply too much going on in the game at once. For something that's paced so fast, the game requires an amount of skill and practice to a degree where the game is an exercise, and no longer fun. I still haven't gotten a gold star on the first boss challenge. It's because no matter how fast I might be going, a bullet catches me, or a mine flies out of seemingly nowhere at a speed that I simply cannot avoid.

An absolutely unwieldy amount happens on screen during a race. There are fairly noticeable patterns in some areas, but that doesn't make them manageable. Between the apples that flip you upside down, throwing you into a mine if you're not spot on, and the portals that really don't do much at all other than disorient the player, the player is forced through the level like a confused sheep in a slaughterhouse, not knowing what pain could possibly be next.

Don't get me wrong, the game is fun in many spots, like the mine avoidance challenges, but the whole presentation just doesn't seem to care enough for the player. This may sound strange, but the dimensions of the game aren't big enough. A lot more reaction time is required for any reasonable amount of casual enjoyable gaming, so it needs to be wider. Regarding that, I found the flipping ability to be meaningless; not even once was I able to use that to my advantage (but that's just me, so I didn't take any points for that). I may have this game pegged wrong, but I don't think it's strictly for hardcore players, and there should be just a few more concessions to casual gaming.

The enemies shooting you in the back are rage-inducing. Please, please, please put some kind of indicator showing where the projectiles are coming from. They're on screen for no more than a second before they've blown up in the player's face or just gone. Avoiding that and the mines while going a million kilometers an hour while simultaneously trying to catch rings and balance the effects of the portals and apples is nearly impossible. Catching keys on the first go around, even by chance, is completely out of the question.

Excess is really what kills the game. The portals put me over the edge. Constantly, I was asking "Why are those even there? They're completely useless!" and while they might not be completely useless, they're just another distraction in an area where the player could do with some rings or just a couple seconds of slightly more relaxed coasting.

Another mechanic I didn't understand was the start boost. This game shouldn't put the beginning of the race (which can sometimes determine who wins or loses) solely into reflexes. Keep the boost if it's really integral, but don't start a loss at zero; it's just depressing to start of a race so slow as the enemy cruises along uninhibited.

The Medals and custom levels are a nice touch, though. They do add some replay value. Collecting keys is kind of cool, but it takes a lot of dedication, and I don't know if it matches the payoff.

I added this game to my Favorites because I want to see how it progresses. There's an untold amount to improve on, but there's a very pretty little something right now. Strip away the fat; you've already got the bows tied on and it doesn't need to look any better. I'll be very excited to see an update.

Go0gley responds:

How can I not respond to such a detailed, constructive review. Overall I totally agree with you. All the faults you pointed out relate back to poor consideration of level design. Although I wasn't the designer (and not being entirely sure how differently Sebastien will respond), I believe excessive apples and portals are for showing off how fast the game engine can run. Your feedback made me realise the game is fine in terms of graphics and tech, yet something is missing - we forgot to centre the experience around the player.

I like your idea having an indicator for boss weapons, or even what obstacles are approaching ahead. Perhaps in the future if it ever happens, we may release an improved sequel with those features.

Thanks for the review. It was a pleasure to read.

i really like it

and now when it has a level bildeer i love it so addicting