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Reviews for "Line Runner 2"


avarage, also, solipskier already did this, and better

Like it!!

it is actually quite fun and entertaining, diverse art style, engaging gameplay, very nicely done.

Interesting game

It was fun but it lost me quickly. Everything seems too close together for the controls to respond in time.

it seems to me...

That out of all the people who have played this game, everyone either loves or hates it, and there is no in between. I am inclined to be one who found that it could have extremely entertaining if all the obstacles weren't all crammed together in one place on level three! also, you could have used a warning system whenever a power-up was about to become available to grab down the road\line\thing, whatever!

All-in-all it was an incredible game! You just need to work a little harder on spacing and warning. But once you do, I'd be thrilled to play it again and this time give you a ten!

try my stage.

45865 is the ID