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Reviews for "Line Runner 2"

Epic Game!

This is so awesome!I like it so much i'm going to add it to my favorites!This is so fun I like the ninja costume that you have in the game!I only played it for like 10 minutes but i'm going to play it later but yeah the last boss looks cool!This game should be worth about *Calculating* $10 (For the rating) but still $10 is way too good since Flash games are free...i'm not so into creating my own level since i'm not a flash game developer (I play video games all day so I don't have any time) so yeah people if you think this game is awesome rate this comment as HELPFUL + since it is helpful!

Amazingly not fun...

The graphics are good. I wasn't fond of the mouse-play, but I am sure it could be tweeked to help this rating a little. Music was perfect for the game. It's a little too "Sonic the Hedgehog" for my liking.


Try my name with a bit of chaos level and pizza level


you can play levels of other players you can race against bosses you can do missions and there is a campaing a minigame shall end it but the game is great
and the submision two under my from thatredmagedude dont believe him

Lets put mines everywhere

and if you get hit by one you should go all the way back to 0 speed instead of just slowing you down by 1MPH
thatd make a great fucking flash game!
i was expecting more from something that is front page
2/10 because the graphics were pleasent