Reviews for "Line Runner 2"


This game is awesome!!!!
and i made a level called Mrkeybonus because it has a key and you can modify the way you want! :)
Very laggy :P but cool and hard to get the key
Enjoy the game and the level!

Simply amazing

although there was no story line to where the bosses came from, I really don't care that was an amazing game and that last boss was so hard but I beat him by one little step, so just for that I think you deserve a 10 out of 10

hey everyone play my level

hey please everybody play mi level pizza world ┬┐ok? see ya and cool game

Brilliantly designed

and positively addicting. While the game IS challenging, as bluntly put by other reviewers, it's not redundantly challenging and there's something new to see with each level. I enjoy the graphics, sound effects, music, and most of all the creativity. I give it 5/5 and 10/10

Well... as much of a nice guy as i am...

It's intertaining and definately a nice change of pace, but beating the bosses proves to be... a big fat pain in the butt. the controls are a little sketchy and it's hard NOT to be blown to smitherines if you don't know what you're doing. If a sequel gets made, try to make things a little easier, okay? I want to be a fan, not a hater.