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Reviews for "Line Runner 2"

It's not fluid or very interesting

I've seen at least one or two games before this with a similar idea. The problem is that this isn't fluid at all when playing. It feels very choppy. I have a monster quad core rig with 4 gig AMD 3.0 GHZ processor, etc. and it's choppy. It's just not aesthetically impressive, nor is the gameplay interesting after a few minutes of playing.

Did I win?

It's not a terrible game, but there's too much going on. The fact that your paint brush is in the center of the screen is also frustrating because by the time you realize what's coming at you, you've already drawn a line in the path of a mine.

The New Santa TIP

This technically in not a review, but I noticed people are having a hard time with my level. IT IS POSSIBLE TO BEAT. To win you have to Know how gravity affects Line runner. At the final stretch, move in a wave. When you move the brush UP, Line Runner must be UPSIDE DOWN. when you move the brush DOWN, Line Runner must RIGHT SIDE UP. Do this, and you should keep him at around 25 kmp.

What the hell is going on?

This game is too fast paced for it to be any fun whatsoever. It would be a lot better of a game if I had more control and could actually tell what was happening without the game blowing past at mach 37.

A lot like "Solipskier"

Not a terrible game but I couldn't help but think about "Solipskier" as I played it. However, I do think in certain ways, there's SOME originality in the idea of drawing to progress in a game. I like that you can flip your character around by clicking on it. However, I think that while using the mouse, there wasn't enough control over him, it gets quickly awkward to move him around, which was somewhat of a problem in "Solipskier" too, although that game had better finesse.

Overall, I feel like this game has potential but I'm not sure if the final execution of it was right. Either way, it is nice to be able to make your own levels, but better luck next time.