Reviews for "Line Runner 2"

Dude is awesome

Dude when you are going to do the 3.
I like this game

This isn't a sequel as much as an entire new game.

To be honest I much preferred the simple time wasting energy of the first game, although this follows the same rules of guiding a character by drawing their path, with LR1 the possibilities for the level and course were endless, this game is much more limiting with mines and hoops etc. I just wanna make an insane course and watch my guy run about it, so I'll think I'll stick with LR1. This game is fun but I wouldn't say very addictive, definitely not more so than the first one.


sooooooooooooooooooooooo kool just one prop its very laggy

Good game

I never played the original line runner, but this one was really easy. The controls are so simple it's ridiclous and the gameplay is so fun it's addicting. The level editor was a nice touch too.


Awesome game never gets boring especially cause i can't be the last level. Designing the levels was cool too. An Actual Level, look it up.