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Reviews for "Howto make great comments"


Sooooo True.


There's something soothing about his voice. hmmm. No homo.

LazyMuffin responds:

Skype calls with me are only 2 dollars a minute, consider it big boy. ;)

One important tip you forgot

You can also quote some funny part of the video in verbatim. Except 200 thumbs up with this technique.


A month ago, I wrote a comment for a GT5 video.
I wrote "Thumbs up for the 2D people!" and I got about 34 thumbs up...with is the most I ever got...

Pretty funny

I think you should have thought of something other than 9/11 to make a joke off of. For me it will always be too soon for that joke.

LazyMuffin responds:

Then you wouldn't like the NLO - 9/11 animation!!!
It's almost been a decade.

This guy continued the argument with me in a personal message then blocked me, what a wimp, huh???