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Reviews for "Howto make great comments"


The video is so damn true.
I see that all the time.

I loved the random links at the end with the video then a shakira and horse picture


your the man .... to the max!

137 people reviewed this cartoon XD

Yotam, not your best animation but it still had its moments. You're animation really has improved over the years and its great to see you progress so much. But like I said, the cartoon itself was not too great. It was a fun parody of youtube users but nothing too fantastic that makes this really stand out. I did laugh with the overly hysterical giggles when the kid was writing his first review full of "lol lol vegeta black people" but everything else was pretty meh. You are still a very funny and witty person, it's just this toon was not too good. Cheers dude.

i usually get about..

30 to 600 thumbs ups on my Youtube comments. Their alot wittier than this one..

Imformative and Funny

the ending was the funniest part about ze video :P