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Reviews for "Howto make great comments"

i like :D

i also like your news update 4 :D the penguin race thing made me giggle like a moose :D

i found some!

i found alot of people that r useing ur tecnice and let me just say, youv created a monster, o and ur tank man is pathetic

attempt at lesson

423 people couldn't learn about how to make great Comments on youtube XD
Yeah that was nice. Thank u Lazymuffin....XD

I tried your advice out.

Within an hour or two of making a comment following your advice on a meh-popular video that was just uploaded, I had over 20 thumbs up on my comment.

Are you some kind of interweb sorcerer?

err those comments

NO!, you see so many of those comments and they're so anoyying never speak of the dislike button on youtube it should be bannable!