Reviews for "Howto make great comments"

i liked it :P

i like the ending

Funny as always

X people no do not like Y. Classically true way on how to get easy thumbs up.
People will go with anyting these days...


My favorite part was the 9-11 part.


Everything was funny up to the 9/11 thing...that's when my giggles went away. I didn't really like the XD at the end of it...kinda sends a bad vibe on how one feels about that day.

Redeeming but uncomfortable.

The reason I say that is just because you get good thumbs-up, doesn't mean you want to be a noob to do so. I think saying something like, for example, "3891 people think that life is too short!" (referring to http://www.you tube.com/watch?v=9u DgJ9_H0gg) is noobish. The video itself, however, was funny. Oh, and nice horse.