Reviews for "Chroma Keys"

This game too hard!

I only got like 1700 points on my first run and remembered that I'm colorblind so of course sometimes this would be difficult for me.

I still gave you a good vote though :) This game seems to be functional and seems like it would be fun for the other users of NG. Good going :)

Keep your chin up

You've done a great job here with this game, well executed, well designed and at least trying to do something new. Fair play to you/

While this game wasn't a bad game, it isn't really catching the players the right way. Keep making games man, i see some good projects coming from you in the future .


Well, its not incredible but it has a nice song and it is challenging. Nice work

I guess I'm retarded...

because I really suck at this game.


This was a decent game i suppose,the concept was pretty creative of having to hold down certain buttons while you pass through certain colors while the speed got faster as the game went on but the thing is that there was no challenge throughout cause the health bar would build up so easy while you pressed the right button rather than it going down if you didn't so even when it was at blazing speed all you had to do was just mash the buttons repetitively and the health bar would never go down cause you would get more rights than wrongs also it got real repetitive and boring after a while even the music got old after a while though it was a catchy song at first,overall it was a game with a creative concept just got boring too soon.