Reviews for "Chroma Keys"

nice game

good but i became disletsic after 8000 points

nice game

good work with this one, also i would like to suggest adding colors by combining the primary ones, for example up(red) + down (blue)= purple, or up(red) + left (yellow) = orange. This way you would use only 3 keys, say up, left and right and you wwill be combining for other colors.

Willseph responds:

That was actually one of my initial plans, but it didn't work out due to technical issues between Flash and the keyboard.

not to bad

its not that bad a game actually. and for collor blind mode you could have basically the same thing but use like /x\l symbols.

but the one bad thing about this game is that it gets stuck on one frame for half a second and by then you've lost points. really not good. but if you can fix that id give you full points

This seems like it would be a fun game

I say "seems" because im kinda color blind. I like the game's concept though. its a colorful rythm game that seems challenging and engaging. overall i think you did a good job

Fun my reactions were good!

Wow, I had a hard time getting that fourth medal, but I got it. Still don't know what the secret one is o.o?
Well great fun game!