Reviews for "Chroma Keys"

Interesting but...

I thought it was a nice little game, and maybe it was just my reflexes but when it started to pick up speed it was almost impossible for me to tell what color was coming next. Guess thats the point, but it felt like the colors were just blending together and by the end I was just randomly hitting directions lol.

Oh sigh...

Dog: "Hey! I specifically asked for no gray M&Ms...these are all gray!" Colorblind people, you ever think it might be called a disability for a reason? If everything was catered to people with disabilities, they wouldn't be called that, now would they? On a side note...game is fun to begin with, but does get boring quickly. It needs another element besides just pressing 4 arrow keys. The game's not really my thing, but I won't take off points just because I didn't like it. You made a decently good game and are rewarded as so.


This is awesome. The colorful graphics are awesome. The music is awesome. Simply put, this is an awesome flash. This defiantly deserved the Daily 5th place it received, if not better. The easter egg is awesome as well, despite not receiving the medal for it.

I'm personally not colorblind, but it's really unfair that the colorblind can't play this game and receive the medals for it. Perhaps you could find some way to create a colorblind mode. Having a colorblind mode would make this game open to a wider audience, and it would be a cool little thing for non-colorblind people to play around with.

I think you should be able to customize the controls, or have it so it tells you what button to hit in every color. A lot of the time, due to how fast it started moving, it was very hard to process which key goes with what color.

Holy crap...

Very simple design, but not at all intuitive. I find myself just mashing keys towards the end.

Great game, but there were some flaws

The audio was great, I loved the gameplay, but there were a bit of flaws. The picture of the keys in the bottom right corner were a bit hard to find, the game became hard very quickly, and the health bar went down too slowly. Other than that, the game was great.