Reviews for "Chroma Keys"


COLOR BLIND FTW!!!(fell at 10k haha)


MY FINGERS ARE BLEEDING!!!! lol nice and pretty challenging. I got to 52011 points before I wore my fingers down to my shoulders.... lol pretty fucking retro and I like it! Good job and I hope to see more games to this great standard in the future.

Very Entertaining Game

First off I want to say, the music was fantastic. I absolutely loved it. I really can't think of anything that was really wrong with the game, seeing as it was such a simple concept. although if you are thinking of expanding upon this, I would say maybe put like power ups in or something. As in, when you hit a certain color the connected powerup will be activated. Some power ups might include more health, and maybe something that slows the colors down a little bit. Other than that great game, I really enjoyed it.

good game but.....

whats the music called?

Cool game! Thanks for sharing it with us. :)