Reviews for "Chroma Keys"


This was..... Too..... Repetetive....... ... ... ... ... ...


Sorry but this is honestly one of the worst games i've played on this site, do away with the colors and go with arrows only it becomes a game of how well you can remember what color goes with what arrow.

Nothing to say...

im a color blind.. left and right colors are same to me..
have a big thx to game builders ((:

Bad news

The game starts out kinda fun and challenging but it goes down hill after about 1500pts. The problem is that you can just hold a random button down and just rack up points and after a while that gets boring.

Willseph responds:

Well sure, but depending on your luck that will eventually kill you. Thanks for the review though.

I'm Colorblind

Not sure if you took this into account but the colors aren't diverse enough for someone who is colorblind, the game was near impossible for me. Up and down are mostly fine, but left and right are basically giant middle fingers to me.