Reviews for "Chroma Keys"


I wasn't overly impressed with this game. The controls were easy to use, a bit difficult to master, but not to hard all together. It wasn't very entertaining. The was no variation, just press and hold buttons over and over again. The graphics were decent, but it did not look as if alot of effort was put into them. Overall I give it a 6/10.

It's alright...

Annoying to play. Not really a problem with the execution of the game, just a poor idea.

Can't tell anything

if we consider how easy is the concept...

well, i don't even know how to say it, but i tried the game without reading the instructions... and after several try i wasn't able to figure out how to play...

getting the right color, but at what time... being of false color? makes same sense as not touch the button...

If u consider street fighter, SFII, and mortal kombat and many others came out without "how to play" it doesn't make any sense that in a game so simple... whatever you do, u can't figure out at the first glance what the gameplay is supposed to be.

Ok, one should read the instructions before to complain game is complicate, but this is not the given diablo 27 Vs. command and conquer, should be more clear what are the effects of each action.

Beside this... funny for 5 minutes, for my personal taste.

Maybe some work on the lifebar would help.

Quite nice

Nice game, but I wasn't motivated for a very long time, to be honest. Nevertheless I think, it's quite useful for training your brain ;]

Good, then hard, then boring

The game concept is good and it gets challenging a little into it. But once you figure out how to make combos when the colors are whizzing by, it become boring and pointless. So overall it only gets a 5/10, but something similar that is less crazy would be nice. It's a good start!