Reviews for "Chroma Keys"

nice game

good work with this one, also i would like to suggest adding colors by combining the primary ones, for example up(red) + down (blue)= purple, or up(red) + left (yellow) = orange. This way you would use only 3 keys, say up, left and right and you wwill be combining for other colors.

Willseph responds:

That was actually one of my initial plans, but it didn't work out due to technical issues between Flash and the keyboard.


LightGaia10 and Thaha XD I has the same arrow problem but this game is worth 10/5 I also reccomended it for the flxel collection.

nice idea

i dig the idea, but i'm spending most of my time trying to remember what color went to what direction. i've no quick ideas on how to correct this though.

Thaha XD

LightGaia I had the same problem xD
My Eyes are hurting >.<
But all in all it is a niice game ^^

its nice but......

I cant remember the positions of the colors and had to look at the bottom left constantly....oh well maybe its just me....:D