Reviews for "Chroma Keys"

wtf bugs!

this gets no stars until the bugs are fixed. For some reason it does not accept the keys half the time, and the health seems to constantly drop at random times.

not my cuppa, but nice concept.

Well, executed. But I'm not into this kind of game without progression or upgrades. (it's a bit harsh how i'm marking it for this reason as if you like this kind of game then i'm sure it's good.)


MY FINGERS ARE BLEEDING!!!! lol nice and pretty challenging. I got to 52011 points before I wore my fingers down to my shoulders.... lol pretty fucking retro and I like it! Good job and I hope to see more games to this great standard in the future.


Well, its not incredible but it has a nice song and it is challenging. Nice work

Good Game

Good job incorporating memory with reflexes! It was gd but, the blue sometimes seemed like black space confusing me. Still though, no big issues.