Reviews for "Chroma Keys"


This is awesome. The colorful graphics are awesome. The music is awesome. Simply put, this is an awesome flash. This defiantly deserved the Daily 5th place it received, if not better. The easter egg is awesome as well, despite not receiving the medal for it.

I'm personally not colorblind, but it's really unfair that the colorblind can't play this game and receive the medals for it. Perhaps you could find some way to create a colorblind mode. Having a colorblind mode would make this game open to a wider audience, and it would be a cool little thing for non-colorblind people to play around with.

I think you should be able to customize the controls, or have it so it tells you what button to hit in every color. A lot of the time, due to how fast it started moving, it was very hard to process which key goes with what color.

my color blind ass...

i gave it a 5/10 becuz the game itself looks like it would be fun and i liked the music. but since i'm color blind i was just annoyed the whole time since it was impossible for me to play.........

nice game

Graphics are good, and the music is fantastic. The concept is very simple, but it's fun to play and quite challenging. It does get quite hard and panicky later on, but that's probably a good thing. If there were something to improve on, it would be, like suggested, adding more to the game such as powerups. Such as slow-mo or a score multiplier. But for what it is, it's quite fun.

Very Entertaining Game

First off I want to say, the music was fantastic. I absolutely loved it. I really can't think of anything that was really wrong with the game, seeing as it was such a simple concept. although if you are thinking of expanding upon this, I would say maybe put like power ups in or something. As in, when you hit a certain color the connected powerup will be activated. Some power ups might include more health, and maybe something that slows the colors down a little bit. Other than that great game, I really enjoyed it.

Can't tell anything

if we consider how easy is the concept...

well, i don't even know how to say it, but i tried the game without reading the instructions... and after several try i wasn't able to figure out how to play...

getting the right color, but at what time... being of false color? makes same sense as not touch the button...

If u consider street fighter, SFII, and mortal kombat and many others came out without "how to play" it doesn't make any sense that in a game so simple... whatever you do, u can't figure out at the first glance what the gameplay is supposed to be.

Ok, one should read the instructions before to complain game is complicate, but this is not the given diablo 27 Vs. command and conquer, should be more clear what are the effects of each action.

Beside this... funny for 5 minutes, for my personal taste.

Maybe some work on the lifebar would help.