Reviews for "Chroma Keys"

Good but stressful !

Good game, but requires a great tempo ! It can be a good training for Guitar Hero (I need pratice about this game !).

Thumbs Up!

This was a great and well constructed game. The only problem was the movement from easy to extreme was a little to fast.

This seems like it would be a fun game

I say "seems" because im kinda color blind. I like the game's concept though. its a colorful rythm game that seems challenging and engaging. overall i think you did a good job

A little fun but...

This game is fun and the concept is original but it's not really addictitive. It as to be a little more ''punchy''.


I think after the 28000 mark, it just went insane. I could just hold one key, get combos easily, and even 68!25?13#1739 combos, so, i broke it. I can see why people have scores in the millions now. It went from easy to hard and back to easy when hundreds of rows of colors went by so fast that they blended into purple and orange colors and it didn't even matter if you just pressed keys randomly, the score went up and you got glitchy combos. But, it deserves an 8, considering the 300000 score I easily got, thus showing how long i spent playing the game, it's pretty good.