Reviews for "Chroma Keys"

couldnt stop playing! so simple! but challenging!

it's like guitar hero for dummies! or really soned people... you should make an endless mode for said people where you cant die. i dont know maaaaaan, its like i have to hit some colors when the arrows pop up on this rainbow... hilarity ensues! people should try to play this in salvia....

i really did like the game tho!

Willseph responds:

Try the Konami Code ;D

holy shit!

that hurts your eyes good game after u get the idea


this game is tight!! doooooon't play inthe dark! or if you get seisures


Kept forgetting what key was what color, died at 9,995 -.- FFFFFFFFFFFFFF

My eyes....

This is the kind of game that needs to be played while high, like Rock Band or Robot Unicorn Attack.


Willseph responds:

Haha you have no idea.