Reviews for "Chroma Keys"

Wow alot of colorfull characters in the reviews :p

I think its really nice :) When you got enough to get "BRAVO" (or at 14,666 as score) as commentary on the score thou - I lost it. And when you DO loose it its hard to get the flow up again... but thats just me not practicing enough yet ^^

One thing buggs me thou - Where are you supposed to switch? I usually switch exactly on the line, like in stepmania or guitarhero, but that fucked up my combo, so you have to wait in the same way you wait to release and push down your pedal when playing the piano. I can deal with this thou since I have played piano for 10 years.
And also if I hold the right (right as in the "true") button down after the right color has moved away, I can just wait for the same color to arrive and just dont do a shit but holding down the same button since the same color shows up frequently enough (or maybe I was just very lucky, idk try for yourself) - and the combo isn't lost! I really think it should be lost after the following color or something.

To fix this, I think there should be some kind of gap between every color making us able to release the button and press down the other button. A very small gap, like the radious of the ring figure that is our "hero". In that way it would be more similar to stepmania and such games (which you may not think is positive?) - since you could get a score from changing in the EXACT moment too!
OR - Just an a colorbox intertwined with the current color and teh following color....
OR - That you are supposed to hold down the current color untill it vanished completely from the ring's area and in the same time begin to press the following color -button when that color begins to touch the ring (which may be to hard)....
OR - Something....
OR - Maybe just a note on how to do this accurate IN the TUTORIAL. :)

Except this I enjoyed it very much and will maybe play it again sometime. And for the colorblind people on this site - Relax! There is still a 50% chance you will choose the right button! lol But yes, colorblind people CAN drive... they just need to learn to see WHICH light is SHINING on the traficlight.... I'm quite certain they can do that.... I hope...


Willseph responds:

Haha I actually had this same discussion with my friend. Just like being able to switch and see the different colors quickly, there's also skill involved in knowing when to switch. Switch too late and you blow your combo. Switch too early and you don't get all the points you can.

The better you are at switching, the more skill you have. ;)

Colorblind people, seriously this time?

Why do colorblind people sure do complain about things based on color and insist on telling the creator its their fault? I'm blind in one eye, I think I'll get mad at the people who make anything long or deep. Because they didn't make them with me in mind.

Sorry if I offended anyone, but herpa derpa lerp.

Good game, not the best nor original, but good game non the less.

Differentiate the green and yellow

As another colorblind reviewer, I have to agree that the green and yellow are so similar as to be indistinguishable. Also, the comment "please do not drive" is extremely offensive, as well as dreadfully ill-informed.

While I don't expect all games to be playable, given my color-vision deficiencies, this is easily one of the worst cases I've seen. A lot of games rectify this by adding some element of symbology as well, whether it be an icon, a texture, or a direction (in the case of less linear games).

I highly encourage you make at least some small effort to promote accessibility. Minor red/green deficiencies are extremely common amongst males.

Oh, and before you make any more comments in regards to colorblind persons, you may with to know that I am a US Army soldier and that the way I, and some of my comrades, see color is also what allows us to spot synthetic camouflage far more easily than our normal-visioned friends. This makes us invaluable members of our units in the field. We're also all fully licensed drivers. So, not much of a disability there. ... except when it comes to your game.

Willseph responds:

Thank you for your comment. I'm not colorblind, nor do I know anyone who is, so this is not an area of disability (albeit very minor) I am familiar with. I didn't mean any offense by the driving comment, but I would like to make a point.

I'm not an artist at all, so I really did do my best to make the colors as distinguishable as possible. But like I said before, I'm not colorblind and neither are any of my friends (beta testers), so I never really took that into account.

Obviously colorblindness is something a very large amount of people have and I acknowledge that, but some games are just not targeted to certain groups based on their design, especially if its a matter of inability that conflicts with the design. Like you said regarding spotting camouflage, one man's disability is another man's superability. Perhaps Chroma Keys misses the colorblind market, I understand that and it's just a matter of conflict between the game's design and the people that play it.

I will take your criticism though and will be sure to fix these design flaws in future games.

Good, then hard, then boring

The game concept is good and it gets challenging a little into it. But once you figure out how to make combos when the colors are whizzing by, it become boring and pointless. So overall it only gets a 5/10, but something similar that is less crazy would be nice. It's a good start!

I'm Colorblind

Not sure if you took this into account but the colors aren't diverse enough for someone who is colorblind, the game was near impossible for me. Up and down are mostly fine, but left and right are basically giant middle fingers to me.