Reviews for "Chroma Keys"


COLOR BLIND FTW!!!(fell at 10k haha)

Oh sigh...

Dog: "Hey! I specifically asked for no gray M&Ms...these are all gray!" Colorblind people, you ever think it might be called a disability for a reason? If everything was catered to people with disabilities, they wouldn't be called that, now would they? On a side note...game is fun to begin with, but does get boring quickly. It needs another element besides just pressing 4 arrow keys. The game's not really my thing, but I won't take off points just because I didn't like it. You made a decently good game and are rewarded as so.


good but too hard i gave you 7/10
sorry dont realy like it and i dont wanna tel wat i gawe aut of 5

Colorblind, really?

The author is so heartless for not making this game colorblind-friendly. And how about the people without arms? They can't play this game either, it's outrageous! Not to mention the blind people, how are they going to enjoy it? And don't even get me started on autists! Make this game accessible to everyone and it'll be great.

On a serious note, "maybe this game is not right for you".

Great game, mate!

nice game

good but i became disletsic after 8000 points