Reviews for "SRM Rock Guitar Band Hero"

Oh well

Have to say for a moment all I thought was 'south park guitar queero episode' but then I heard the wilhelm scream so you get automatic win points for that!

Battosai810 responds:

I don't remember anything about that episode aside from Randy Marsh playing Journey or Foreigner or whatever.


Wow, what fortune that I had to stumble on this little beauty as it entered the portal! A great take on [Popular Music Game] and [Popular Music Game] that seem to be dominating the scene of gaming at the moment. While I may not have played either of these games for a while, I can still see that the jokes related to them are current and I would go so far to say that [Popular Music Game] is the better of the two.

The animation is great, especially the parts where SRM gets Hendrixed and then Slashed. You could have made the hat a little bigger for Slash, because it tends to be oversized, to cope with the head, but other than that, it was fantastic.

With the way that you've done this, does this mean that Greg will be getting bigger parts in the later toons? I hope so, he was a really cool character!

I do love that you pay so much attention to detail, putting things like SRMClock on the book shelf and the way that you put little things like that there just make the episode stand out even more.

Award winning? Let's hope so, you deserve it!

[Review Request Club]

Battosai810 responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you got to see my latest and greatest just as it got out of the portal.

I really hope this wins an award - it's been a while since I got the sort of critical attention I used to get. Either way, I'm incredibly happy with how this cartoon turned out.

I'm pretty sure this is the first 10 I've gotten from you - glad you enjoyed this one :) I'm also happy that you caught the little references like the SRMClock and the Jebediahs I scattered around.

Also, it's no doubt that [Popular Music Game] is the superior game.

Yay you finally finished it!

Although it WAS fun to watch the updates on youtube but I guess no more of those for obvious reasons lol. AND HEY. I saw the Captain in there! He needs to be saving us with his SPEHSS MARINES!

Loved it regardless :D

Battosai810 responds:

Glad you got to see it as it was made, and I'm happy to hear you enjoyed it. I'm always happy when people catch the silly references scattered about, like Boreale in the audience. Thanks for watching!