Reviews for "SRM Rock Guitar Band Hero"

Nice movie

I really enjoyed this video. I will admit that my real experience with playing drums helped me out on "popular music game".

Battosai810 responds:

Unfortunately my old roommate who was goddamn amazing at [Popular Music Game] drums was godawful at real drums. Thanks for watching!


...why does it keep saying "popular music game" instead of the real name guitar hero? is it censorship or part of the joke??? oh, nice animation by the way 5/5

Battosai810 responds:

Yes, that is part of the joke. That is the joke. This is a sentence explaining the joke.
/Tim Buckley

Nice, pretty nice...

Awesome, loved the 'popular music game!' part. Thanks for finally showing the competence of stupid 'popular music game', if you wanna play music, BECOME A REAL MUSICIAN AND LEARN A FREAKING INSTRUMENT LIKE A REAL PERSON!!! I'm a piano player, so I hate people who just press colourful buttons in 'popular music game' and say they can play music! Again, thanks!

Battosai810 responds:

I enjoy [Popular Music Game] as much as anyone else, but with all the time some folks put into it they could learn a real instrument! This is nothing new, but I'm glad some other folks are like minded.

Anyway, thanks for watching and glad you enjoyed the cartoon!

Awesome and funny

Oh boy do I love to play [popular music game] except if I go to a gig and play the plastic toy instead of with my real guitar and microphone I would probably get beat up too!! This is actually a pretty awesome gem in the portal as well. Glad to see it also has a good score coming fresh out of the portal as well.

So was the drummer a llama/alpaca or what? Also nice to see there was an NES, a sword stabbing books, and a melted apple looking clock which was pretty cool. I like how the story shows how overrated [popular music game] is and that they are nothing compared to real bands anyway. This was also very awesome even though it was short anyways.

I remember when I used to play [popular music game] a lot but then I started to play real instruments and find them to be a lot better although I still play [popular music game] from time to time. Good work on this short animation, hope it hits the front page as well.

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Battosai810 responds:

I'm glad some folks are seeing this toon - I haven't made a really all-around solid cartoon in a few months, and this one's doing better than my last few. I'm also real happy that it's got a decent score and isn't languishing at 2.9 or whatever like some of my better cartoons mysteriously drop to.

Yes, Greg is indeed a llama. I used him in my Explosion Force 5 2: Explode Harder trailer, albeit briefly. Good to know somebody noticed the background elements like the NES and SRMClock.

I actually played guitar before [Popular Music Game] came out and I enjoyed both on their own. They're bridging the gap with the newest installments of [Popular Music Game] where you can use real guitars or whatever, but I'll always prefer getting blisters on my fingers from playing my real guitar.

Oh dude

Such an original idea! I mean, I really loved this.

Battosai810 responds:

Glad you liked it :)