Reviews for "Battle Gear 2.5"

One word can only describe this...


Who knew taking over the world would be so fun?

Best game on N.G.
I've been playing the Battle Gear series since 2009, up to now it's still fun.
I also like the confused timelines.

Only cons were the red enemies,and what Catman72 said:
No matter what alliance you choose, North America still is way too overpowered and takes over your land on the first attack, even if you are at Military Power level 100.

this is one of my favorite stategy games on the internet, I especially like the concept of alliances and attacking capital cities or areas.It would be great to see a battle gear 3 where you could make and break alliances rather than having a standard set of them.I also think some countries are unevenly balanced (America way to powerful) but this is a great game regardless.

@willtg Your REALLY right. REALLY.

the style need to change fast. I recommend making a game for steam. Put a DLC too if you can't make it in time.
you'll not only make money. people will recommend you to make more game. im sure you'll enjoy making them.