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Reviews for "Hurry up bob!!!"


ggod game great job mens!!


I thought it was cool. The music suits the game as it makes me feel like i'm playing an old Nes game which would out or even for the game boy. Very addicting too so Nice work :D

Really good pace

Not to fast but not to slow like you be doing really well then suddenly the lava is Right behind you! ^^
Good music which is not in-your-face and the faces Bob pulls are quite hurmourus keep it up

omg this is awsomes

i loled when he fell in to the lava who dies praying. now thats funny i gave it a 8 points for being funny and the outher 2 for the great game play

good game good

challenging indeed and well its so awesome well i cant go to the toilet while playing this game and the title of this game is hurry up bob right

well while im playing the game i remember ob the builder
lol but its o great game and i vote it 10/10 and 5/5

have fun!
ill tell others to play this game

fortunacus responds:

oh cristian bale on the go
later i will inform you for iphone version