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Reviews for "Hurry up bob!!!"


sorta fun but i dont like the controls that much

Arrow Keys T_T

Woulda been better but damn arrow keys. Otherwise very amusing and addicting.

Good...but not great

Although this definitely isn't the next Super Meat Boy (sorry!), I think you have the platforming genre down quite well, I have to admit. The only thing that made trying to get Bob from being burnt to a crisp by the ever-rising lava difficult and frustrating were the controls. I know there are a lot of areas that are flooded with an unfair amount of enemies as well, but those I could see clearly were added to enhance the already hardcore platforming style of the game. At least Bob doesn't die in one hit! That's a sure relief. But what did make it seem like Bob was a big wussy was that he would lose health rapidly if he fell too far because the controls were too stiff when trying to jump from one narrow section of platforms to the next without getting Bob's head stuck on the rocks above him, and then they were too slippery when trying to run away from a pack of enemies. Combining them into one situation where you have to quickly get away from a large group of enemies in a narrow alcove with only one way to jump, usually filled with rocks in all directions to get stuck on, is completely the most annoying part. Walking out of a case like I just explained with at least three pieces of health left is extremely hard to do.
Other than tightening up the controls a bit, I didn't find anything else wrong with the game, and for those saying he has bad grammar, you should realize Newgrounds is open to people from all countries around the world. I see this game as one of those rare diamonds in the rough, and maybe Bob and his crew were digging for something like this before that stupid lava came and rudely interrupted him. Chao! Or...bye, in whatever language you speak.

looks easy but....

the controls are a little buggy and this kind of games are too boring after awhile

too annoying to really be fun...

great look, fun idea, could be great but controls are awful (why do i slide on brick?) Also, when you rocket upwards you get stuck when you hit the corner of a brick and you get stuck when you break certain bricks so you can't jump higher, maybe you should make like a "U" of bricks instead of a straight line when your fuel runs out to prevent this).
ex: _ _ _ _
[ _ ] [ _] [ _ ] [ _]
_ or _ _ _
[ _] [ _] [ _ ] [ _]

Some situations make no sense and are near impossible, if you are going to have some cramped places you need to give the user the ability to control the height of their jump.
The jump and axe is also very touchy.
You said you updated it, but honestly, I really wanted to enjoy this, but when you have to deal with the glaring problems with every jump, it is just too hard to put up with.
I was going to give 4/5, but I gave 3, and 7 because you said it was updated (it definately could and should be 5 and 10).
I am not criticizing I am critiquing (If that makes sense) I think you have done really well here. Great look, I like that you put in a story, good concept, The medal objectives are nice, music (didn't mute it for a while), I like the pause and mute feature, Rampage mode is a good idea.
Problems with control are too big to overlook.
I was going to give 4/5, but I gave 3, and 7 because you said it was updated (it definitely could and should be 5 and 10).